How to tie a bronze spectra spider fly pattern with Matthew Pate

The bronze spectra spider fly pattern is fantastic on rivers especially in the spring months. Fish it on a floating line cast across the stream and allow it to come round naturally with the current. The bronze spectra spider wet fly can also be used on any stillwater as a general pattern, and there is no doubt this is one of the most simple yet effective patterns you could know how to tie.
So git it a go and get it out on the water and let us know how you got on with it.
We would live to hear your stories.

Ingredients for this pattern are:

Size 14 hook
Dark brown thread
Hen’s spectra dubbing
Greenwells hens hackle

Get out the vice and tie up some of these for this weekend.
If you do then send us a pic in to our facebook page HMFlyFishing

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Thanks for watching and catch ya later…


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