Fly Casting Lessons…

Having successfully competed for over 15 years in World and European casting competitions, Hywel has developed a keen eye for casting techniques and can iron out any faults you might have. His one-to-one half day casting clinics are proving very popular – the lesson is tailored to your requirements, whether it be single or double haul, single and double spey casting or, Hywel’s speciality, distance casting (where his personal best is over 80 metres).

Hywel is regularly asked to coach top casters who are preparing for an upcoming championship – so if you are a bank angler who wants those extra few yards, take a tip from the champions and book a lesson with Hywel!

If you have never tried flyfishing before then you can learn the basic casting technique in just a few hours. When you’re finished you’ll be a competent caster and have a working knowledge of all the tackle you need to start fishing on your own.

Perhaps you’ve already started and are having trouble with your casting… or maybe you’re baffled by terms like ‘single and double haul’, ‘snake rolls single’ and ‘double spey’. Hywel will gear your lesson towards your specific needs. Whether it’s just the basic cast or distance casting, your lesson will cover it (and more) and will be conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

All lessons are on an hourly basis (at £50 per hour plus travel expenses) and can be taken at a venue of your own choice.

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