How to tie a caenis fly pattern

Caenis-Fly photograph

How to tie a caenis fly pattern. Some people call these the angler’s curse, when they are in the air sometimes it’s better to sit and watch as they usually hatch in abundance and the fish have a feast but matching this tiny hatch can still be good sport if you can cast it delicately […]

10 HOT TIPS – fly fishing in August

10 hot tips for August Fly fishing

10 HOT TIPS for fly fishing in August With the Summer underway and everything looking lively and abundantly green it might be some of the best weather to be out on a boat or bank to soak up the rays and have a great time with family or friends. For us it’s also a great […]

How to tie a crazy eyed cat fly pattern

How to tie a crazy eyed cat fly pattern. This crazy eyed cat is a strange looking fella but he could be your best friend on those stillwarters that need something with a lot of movement in it and pulling funny faces at the fish seems to work too. This fly has two links of […]

Fly fishing preparations for early season.

Early season fly fishing preparation photo

Expectations and preparations All the waiting is over and the opening day has finally arrived. If you are like us you didn’t get much sleep the night before and are probably up early and on your way to the fishery well before the sun rises. You are looking forward to that first hook up of […]

Fly fishing bung method

Fly fishing using the bung method

Fly fishing bung method. There has been a lot written about this fly fishing the bung method with people referring it to be more like “Coarse Fishing” than fly fishing. Well nobody can force you to fish this method and it is a personal choice. However if you don’t fish it or not even tried […]